Aeroplan Extended Warranty Service Plan for Entegra and R9-equipped aircraft

AeroPlan is our lowest-cost option for Entegra and R9 customers provides parts and labor coverage and requires customers to sign a WAIVER, RELEASE & INDEMNIFICATION form.

AeroPlan® Extended Warranty Service Plan

Avidyne is committed to supporting its products for the long term, and over the years we have worked hard to keep costs down for you. AeroPlan, our new high value extended warranty program, is an important step toward enhancing your Avidyne ownership experience and to reducing your long-term cost. When your aircraft has a post-warranty maintenance event, it can be inconvenient and costly. AeroPlan is the best way to ensure that you have peace of mind and proper coverage against unforeseen repairs. AeroPlan saves you even more money while ensuring long-term protection for your avionics investment.

Existing FlexCare™ Owners

Entegra owners currently covered under a FlexCare Extended Warranty Service Plan can transfer into AeroPlan and realize additional future savings and an extension on their current remaining warranty. For those owners who elect to convert to AeroPlan, Avidyne will extend your remaining warranty by 33%. For example, if you currently have 12 months remaining on your FlexCare plan, you will receive an additional 4 months of coverage after converting to AeroPlan at no additional cost. Current Entegra FlexCare owners can elect to remain under their current plan. However, once your current FlexCare plan expires you will not have the option to renew FlexCare. If you wish to continue extended warranty coverage, you can elect do so with AeroPlan at our new reduced pricing.