Tablet Application for IFD-Series Navigators

IFD100 - an iPad® app, an additional IFD

Avidyne IFD550

Big Glass for Any Aircraft

The IFDs are the only GPS Navigators in GA offering both built-in Bluetooth® and Wifi . With that, all IFDs offer a Wifi connection to Apple iPads with the Avidyne IFD100 iPad app. This app does not just mirror the functions of your IFD, but acts as an additional instance of an IFD, where you can edit your flight plan, monitor your map for ADS-B weather & traffi c (with the Avidyne SkyTrax ADS-B In solutions), and view pages independently. Even if you have the smaller-glass IFD4-Series, your IFD100 display will provide big glass capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

The IFD100 can also be shown in portrait mode, suitable for a knee board (shown right).

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Avidyne IFD100 in C172 IFD100 connected to an IFD550 in a Cessna 206.

Avidyne IFD100 in C172
IFD100 connected to an IFD550 in a C172.

Download the IFD100 and/or FREE PLAY PC Simulator

From an iPad, you may download the IFD100 by clicking the below button. If you're new to the IFD Series, you may also click here to download our FREE PLAY PC Simulator.