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Trego-Dugan Aviation Received FAA Certification of ADS-B Compliant Solution for General Aviation

Trego-Dugan completes AML-STC of Avidyne’s AXP340 Mode S Transponder with a Freeflight 1201 WAAS/GPS for ADS-B OUT.

Grand Island, NE – Wednesday, May 17, 2017 – 

Trego-Dugan Aviation of Grand Island Incorporated located in Nebraska, announced that they have received an Approved Model List Supplement Type Certificate (AML-STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for installation of the Avidyne AXP340 Mode S Transponder coupled with a Freeflight 1201 WAAS/GPS sensor for use as an approved ADS-B solution.  This AML-STC, which provides a basis for installation in over 460 aircraft models, will streamline the installation process for ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) equipage in general aviation aircraft.

“Avidyne and Freeflight are leaders in ADS-B avionics and we are pleased have completed this STC which expands the reach of their ADS-B products,” said Aaron Hall, Trego-Dugan’s Director ADS-B Systems and Engineering. “This AML-STC will be made available to installation facilities around the globe to streamline the installation process and allow customers easier access to ADS-B solutions.”

“Trego-Dugan has aggressively pursued AML-STCs for a number of different products and we are pleased that they included our AXP340 Mode S transponder in this certification effort,” said Tom Harper, Avidyne’s Director, Marketing. “This AML-STC makes it easier for more of our customers to meet the upcoming ADS-B mandate.”

Avidyne’s AXP340 is a 1090MHz extended squitter (ES) Mode S transponder that is designed to meet the U.S. and international mandates for ADS-B OUT.    This AML-STC provides approval for use of the Freeflight 1201 as the precision GPS position source for the AXP340.  

About Trego-Dugan (h ttp://www.trego-dugan.com/)

Trego-Dugan, located in Grand Island, Nebraska, has been in the airplane business for the past 50 years. It started as an FBO business and has expanded to 27 cities across the United States.  Trego Dugan has charter operations, aircraft maintenance, avionics, and aircraft ground handling.  Our 145 Repair station avionics facility is located in the Grand Island, NE (KGRI) which is located almost exact center of the US.

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