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Avidyne Makes Innovative Use of IFD Series with iPads

Wireless connection of the iPad with Avidyne’s IFD Series FMS/GPS systems provide interesting Big Glass solutions for both forward fit and retrofit.

Oshkosh, WI – Sunday, July 24, 2016 – 

Avidyne Corporation announced that they are showcasing some innovative ‘Big Glass’ configurations in their booth at Oshkosh this year that leverage the wireless capabilities of their IFD Series FMS/GPS systems and their new IFD100 iPad app, continuing to bridge the gap between certified and non-certified systems for general aviation aircraft.

In one panel, Avidyne is showing their new IFD550 coupled to an iPad that is mounted directly over the 6-pack of instruments in a typical Cessna 172 panel.  The IFD100 app can display a large-format Synthetic Vision attitude display with three-dimensional presentation of traffic and obstacles.  The panel is easily convertible back to its 6-pack configuration by simply removing the iPad from its bracket.

“Because the IFD550 has a built-in Attitude Reference System (ARS) and integrated WiFi capability, we can wirelessly send all the GPS, flight plan, ADS-B plus Attitude information directly to the iPad,” said CEO Dan Schwinn. “It’s a novel concept, but we see it as a way of giving owners of legacy aircraft who might otherwise never have installed big glass the ability to now have access to Synthetic Vision on a large screen.”

In a second panel, Avidyne is showing an IFD550 linked wirelessly to two iPads, one acting as a big-screen Primary Flight Display (PFD), and the other as a Multi-Function Display (MFD). 

“Imagine the possibilities for LSAs, Experimental aircraft, light trainers, and for the emerging hybrid and all-electric aircraft market,” Schwinn said. “As our IFD100 app evolves, and more and more third party apps come on line, you can easily see where this can take us in terms of making highly-advanced display formats available for very low cost.”

Additionally, Avidyne is showcasing their compact IFD440 FMS/GPS wirelessly connected with a huge-screen iPad Pro—the biggest of the iPad family with its 12.9-inch diagonal display—to drive home the message that ‘Big Glass’ is available for virtually any general aviation aircraft.


“Connectivity is of growing importance in GA aircraft, and our in-flight wireless capability is allowing us to really expand the definition of panel-mounted avionics,” Schwinn added.  “We recently announced a partnership with GlobalStar to develop hotspots for Voice and Data connectivity, so you can expect to see even more exciting connectivity-related products coming in the near future.”  

About the IFD550 (http://www.avidyne.com/products/ifd550/index.html)

The IFD550 has all the same functionality of the current IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM, but with the addition of an integrated Attitude Reference System (ARS).  The ARS enables the display of dynamic Synthetic Vision with full-motion three-dimensional “out-the-window” views as well as exocentric  “in-trail” views of the aircraft and nearby terrain,  obstacles, traffic and terrain.  The IFD550 also gives pilots have the ability to toggle SynVis off and view a traditional blue-over-brown attitude display, as well as overlay of Horizontal and Vertical Deviation Indicators, a Total Velocity Vector (TVV)/Flight Path Marker, and adjustable field of regard. All of this data can be wirelessly connected to Avidyne’s IFD100 iPad app and displayed in a big glass format.

IFD550 has a list price starting at $21,999.

High-Resolution images are available at: http://www.avidyne.com/news/images.asp

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