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Avidyne Announces Wireless Connectivity with FltPlan Go

FltPlan Go mobile App for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 tablets now able to connect wirelessly to Avidyne IFD540 & IFD440 systems.

Melbourne, FL – Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 

Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics and ADS-B systems for general aviation aircraft, and Flight Plan LLC, provider of the popular FltPlan.com aviation website and FltPlan Go application, today announced wireless integration between the FltPlan Go application and Avidyne’s IFD540 and IFD440 GPS navigation and communications systems. The FltPlan Go aviation flight planning and mapping application is the mobile version of the popular online aviation resource, FltPlan.com

“All Avidyne IFD systems include a versatile, open-architecture wireless interface, which is a key component in our overall connectivity-in-the-cockpit strategy. We are happy to have FltPlan take advantage of this unique capability,” said Avidyne President & CEO, Dan Schwinn,. “FltPlan has leveraged the power of our integrated wireless connectivity to extend the capability of the IFD540/440 and to make flying safer, more efficient and even more enjoyable for pilots.”

“We are excited to develop connectivity with the IFD540 and IFD440 for our FltPlan Go customers," said Kenneth Wilson, president of FltPlan.com. “Wireless connectivity in the cockpit provides pilots using FltPlan with even more utility and enhanced safety.”

FltPlan Go running on an iPad, Android tablet, and Windows 10 tablet can wirelessly display GPS position and flight plan information from the Avidyne IFD540 or IFD440 running the current v10.1 or later software. Many additional capabilities will be added in a future IFD software release for the IFD540/440.

“We have made available a Wireless Connectivity Software Developer Kit (SDK) and we are in talks with many other app developers, so you can expect that many more announcements for additional Bluetooth/Wi-Fi application support and services for the IFD540/440 will be forthcoming,” Schwinn added.

Avidyne previously announced and is delivering their MK10 Bluetooth keyboard, which provides wireless remote control of the IFD540 & IFD440 systems.

About FltPlan (www.FltPlan.com)

FltPlan is the largest flight planning company in North America.  FltPlan’s 157,000-plus active, registered users file more than 55% of all N#-registered flight plans.  The FltPlanflight planning system includes free, web-based flight planning and filing integrated with the free FltPlan Go mobile apps and a full range of premium services including SMS, Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs), eAPIS and APIS for Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, Premium Flight Tracking, a DCM Call Sign Program, Handling Services, and Runway Analysis.  With more than 24 years of flight planning and filing experience, FltPlan makes flight planning as simple and cost effective as possible while providing outstanding customer support 24/7/365.

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