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Avidyne Received Brazilian Validation of Latest DFC-Series Digital Autopilot Capabilities

ANAC-approved software adds Dynamic Envelope Protection and Full Time Envelope Alerting (EA) in DFC90 for Entegra-equipped Cirrus aircraft, and adds Flap Overspeed Sensing for Entegra Release9/DFC100-equipped aircraft.

Lincoln, MA – Monday, April 16, 2012 – 

Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, today announced that they have received Agência Nacional De Aviação Civil –Brasil (ANAC) validation for their DFC90 Release 2 software upgrade which adds full-time Envelope Alerting (EA) capability and also allows the option of wiring the aircraft for dynamic Envelope Protection (EP) with Flap Sensing for Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft in Brazil.  The ANAC approval also includes validation of software v9.2.4, which adds flap overspeed sensing capability for Cirrus aircraft with the Entegra Release 9 and DFC100 package.

“These new features, including Full-time Envelope Alerting and flap-sensing dynamic Envelope Protection, provide additional safety enhancements for our DFC-series autopilot customers, and we are pleased to be able to extend these capabilities to our Brazilian customer base,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer.

About DFC90/DFC100

The DFC90 and DFC100 are digital autopilot systems that are designed as slide-in replacements for the S-TEC55X autopilot.  They add the precision and reliability of an attitude-based flight control system, by taking advantage of the single or dual ADAHRS in the Entegra and Release 9 systems.  Both autopilots provide the safety enhancements of the ‘Straight & Level’ mode, providing one-button unusual attitude recovery, Flight Envelope Protection (EP) and full-time Envelope Alerting (EA).  EP virtually eliminates autopilot-induced stalls (underspeed) and overspeeds, while EA protects against flight envelope exceedences by providing visual and aural warnings to the pilot, even when the autopilot is not engaged. In addition, the DFC90 and DFC100 add Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS Hold) capability, which is a preferred method for climbing and descending in these higher-performing aircraft.  

Pricing & Availability

The DFC90 Release2 upgrade price is $500 for existing owners of DFC90-equipped Cirrus aircraft.  This includes the factory update of the DFC90 flight computer and field-loadable software to update the Entegra EXP5000 PFD.   This price does not include the cost of shipping, VAT, or the cost for additional parts or dealer labor for performing the software upgrade nor for any additional wiring should you choose to add it.  Please contact Avidyne for a quote.  

There is no charge for v9.2.4 software upgrade for existing Entegra Release 9 owners.  The IFD5000s can be updated via the front-mounted USB ports with field-loadable software. The cost of shipping, VAT, other parts or dealer labor is extra.

New DFC90 autopilot pricing is $9,995, plus $3,895 to upgrade the Entegra PFD to Release 8.0.5 software.  Pricing does not include the cost of shipping, VAT, other parts or dealer labor. All new DFC90 systems include Release 2 software.

Adding a DFC100 autopilot to an existing Entegra Release 9 suite is $14,995, which includes the v9.2.4 software upgrades for the dual IFD5000s.  Pricing does not include the cost of shipping, VAT, other parts or dealer labor.

For additional information or to schedule your upgrade, please contact Avidyne or contact your Avidyne Authorized Dealer.

DFC90 and DFC100 pricing assumes exchange of STEC55X unit, which must be returned to Avidyne.

High Resolution DFC90 & DFC100 images available at: http://www.avidyne.com/news/images.asp#dfc

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