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Avidyne Demonstrates Dual IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COMs with Byteflight Databus & Hybrid Touch Interface

Lakeland, FL – Tuesday, March 27, 2012 – Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, unveiled a dual-system configuration of their IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COMs, and demonstrated how its Byteflight databus architecture adds inter-operability and ‘cross-sync’ functionality, enhancing ease of use, redundancy, and safety.

Dual IFD540s allow a pilot to enter a flight plan using the full-screen QWERTY keyboard on one of the touch-screen units, while simultaneously viewing a synchronized full-screen moving map on the other.   In addition, flight plans stored or edited in one unit can be automatically synchronized to the other unit and vice versa.

“With its hybrid, multi-touch user interface and split-screen capability, we have shown how the IFD540 is significantly easier to use than anything available in the market today,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer. “Now, we are showing how customers with dual IFD540s will have the additional interoperability and redundancy similar to that of Entegra Release 9, which makes flying even easier.”

“The significant investment we made in Byteflight databus architecture has already proven itself with our Entegra Release 9 integrated flight deck, and now we are bringing the benefits of this technology to our panel-mounted avionics,” said Dan Schwinn, Avidyne’s President and CEO. 

About the IFD540

The IFD540 is a full-featured FMS/GPS/NAV/COM with hybrid, multi-touch user interface. It is designed as a slide-in replacement for the popular GNS530 navigators, which can dramatically reduce the installation cost and downtime for many customers.

Multi-touch allows pilots to gesture using two fingers on the capacitive touch screen to easily pan the map and also to pinch-zoom the map range setting in and out.


Hybrid touch means that essentially all IFD540 functions that can be performed through the touch screen—with the exception of map panning and graphical flight planning—can  also be accomplished using the dedicated knobs and buttons.

“We don’t believe that a touch screen-only user interface is optimal for general aviation applications,” said Schwinn.  “Pilots want the ability to have dedicated knobs and buttons for certain functions, and depending on the flight conditions or the particular phase of flight, it’s nice to have the choice.”

The IFD540’s highly-capable, easy-to-use Flight Management System (FMS), the same as is found in Avidyne’s award-winning Entegra Release 9 systems, meets TSO-C146c for full SBAS/LPV approach guidance. It features easy-to-use flight planning with ‘one-touch’ victor airway and jet-route navigation, Avidyne’s exclusive GeoFill™ waypoint nomination, and FMS Vectors™ capability. FMS Vectors provides fully-coupled guidance through all phases of flight without all the manual autopilot interaction and suspending of flight plans typically associated with previous-generation systems. 

Featuring a 10-watt, 8.33 kHz, two-channel VHF communication radio—with an option for 16 Watts—the IFD540 also includes a four-channel VHF NAV/VLOC/GS receiver which automatically nominates, tunes, identifies, and monitors frequencies—virtually eliminating the need to ever manually tune your NAV radio again. Active and standby COM frequencies are automatically decoded and the names of the stations are displayed in plain English, for easy station recognition and as a handy reminder of the agency to which you will be transmitting when pressing the push-to-talk button.

The IFD540 supports Avidyne’s CMax™ Electronic Approach Charts & Airport Diagrams, and also includes Terrain Awareness and Alerting as standard, with an option for integrated Class-B TAWS functionality.

The plug-and-play IFD540 is a slide-in replacement for the popular GNS530 series navigators, providing a larger screen area with 400% more pixels, and a much easier to use, hybrid ‘button and touch-screen’ pilot interface.  The IFD540 is designed to integrate with all the existing equipment which the 430/530 systems previously operated, including a long list of PFDs, EFIS, CDIs, HSIs, remote sensors, discrete, autopilots, MFDs, etc. Because it’s the same physical size as the 530, it fits into the same tray, uses the same antennas, and can be installed with no wiring changes, making it an incredibly easy and affordable retrofit for any aircraft.

Pricing and Availability

The IFD540 with GPS/NAV/COM/FMS and 10-Watt VHF transmit power has a Plug & Play Price of $16,995, and is expected to be available in the late-2012 time frame.  The 16 Watt transmit power upgrade is $4,995.

High-Resolution images of IFD540 are available at: http://www.avidyne.com/news/images.asp

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