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Avidyne Expands Touch-Screen Avionics Line with New IFD510 FMS/GPS

IFD510 is a slide-in replacement for existing GPS500/W Series GPS Navigators; Avidyne panel-mounted avionics are also available with grey bezels for installation in turbine-class aircraft.

Las Vegas, NV – Monday, October 10, 2011 – Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, today introduced the IFD510 SBAS/LPV/RNP-capable GPS Navigation System with touch screen user interface. The IFD510 is a slide-in replacement for existing GPS500/W GPS-only navigators found in many turbo-prop and light jet aircraft, and is an extension of Avidyne’s recently-announced plug-and-play avionics line, which includes the IFD540, touch-screen FMS/GPS/NAV/COM.  Avidyne also announced today that all of their panel mounted avionics, including the IFD510, the IFD540, the AMX240 Audio Panel, and the AXP340 Mode Transponder with ADS-B Out, will be available with optional Grey bezels which are designed to be more aesthetically suited to match the other avionics in typical turbine-class aircraft panels.

“The IFD510 is ideally suited for turbine-class aircraft owners who are looking to move into a higher-capability FMS with an exceptionally easy to use touch-screen user interface,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer. “Its plug-and-play design means that pilots who have been flying with GPS500/W series navigators can easily upgrade to the IFD510 with very little aircraft down time.”

“The IFD510 is a logical extension of our panel-mounted avionics line, and fits nicely with our strategy of offering highly-capable, easy-to-use avionics systems for pilots in all segments of the general aviation market,” said Dan Schwinn, Avidyne’s President and CEO.

About the IFD510

The touch-screen capable IFD510 has the same easy-to-use Flight Management System (FMS) as Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9 and their recently-announced IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM. It meets TSO-C146c for highly-accurate Satellite Based Augmentation System - Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (SBAS/LPV) approach guidance and supports all leg-types required for flying Area Navigation/Required Navigation Performance (RNAV/RNP) procedures.

Featuring easy-to-use, Multi-Touch graphical flight planning, the IFD510 provides ‘one-touch’ victor airway and jet-route navigation, GeoFill™ waypoint nomination, and FMS Vectors™ capability. FMS Vectors provides fully-coupled guidance through all phases of flight without all the manual autopilot interaction and suspending of flight plans typically associated with previous-generation systems. 

The IFD510 supports Avidyne’s CMax™ Electronic Approach Charts & Airport Diagrams, and also includes Terrain Awareness and Alerting as standard, with an option for integrated Class-B TAWS functionality.

The plug-and-play IFD510 is a slide-in replacement for existing GPS500/W-series navigators, providing 20% larger screen area and 400% more pixels, and with a much easier to use, button and touch-screen pilot interface.  The IFD510 is designed to integrate with all the existing equipment including a long list of PFDs, EFIS, CDIs, HSIs, remote sensors, discrete, autopilots, MFDs, etc.  Because it’s the same physical size as the GPS500/W, it fits into the same tray, uses the same antennas, and can be installed with no wiring changes, making it an incredibly easy and affordable retrofit for any general aviation aircraft.

High-Resolution images of IFD510 (and IFD540), plus images of the Avidyne Panel Mounted Avionics stack with Grey bezels are available at: http://www.avidyne.com/news/images.asp

More info on the IFD510 and Avidyne’s other plug-and-play avionics is available at www.avidyne.com. See video of Multi-Touch in action at www.ifd540.com.  

Pricing and Availability

The IFD510 GPS Navigator with SBAS/LPV/RNP capability has a retail price of $14,995 including tray and installation kit, and is expected to be available in the second half of 2012.  The integrated TAWS-B option is an additional $7,995.  Add $1,000 for the Grey Bezel option.

As previously announced, the IFD540 with GPS/NAV/COM/FMS and 10-Watt VHF transmit power has a retail price of $16,995 including tray and installation kit, and is expected to be available in the second half of 2012.  The 16 Watt transmit power upgrade is $4,995.  The integrated TAWS-B option is an additional $7,995.  Add $1,000 for the Grey Bezel option.

Visit www.ifd540.com to request information on AOPA show-special pricing.

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