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Avidyne Announces New Packages and Prices on Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck with DFC100 Digital Autopilot for Cirrus Owners

Promotional pricing makes the performance and safety enhancements of the DFC100 Autopilot and Entegra Release 9 even more affordable for Cirrus owners moving up to Avidyne’s next-generation flight deck system.

Lincoln, MA – Friday, October 15, 2010 – 

--Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated flight decks, displays, and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, announced new limited-time package pricing for their Entegra Release 9 (R9) Integrated Flight Deck (IFD) system, which now includes the DFC100 digital autopilot.  In addition, Avidyne is offering incentives for customers who previously purchased a DFC90 autopilot to upgrade to the R9 system and DFC100 autopilot.  These packages and prices are available until December 31, 2010.

“Over 20 percent of the Cirrus fleet is experiencing the vast improvements that the DFC90 autopilot upgrade provides over the rate-based autopilot technology that has been around for decades,” said Rob Higby, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. “We are now offering incentives that allow all Entegra-equipped Cirrus customers to experience that same level of improvement across their entire avionics suite by leveraging the advanced capabilities of the R9 flight deck and DFC100 autopilot.”

“With this promotional pricing, combined with the renewal of the Section 179 Deduction and Bonus Depreciation, customers who act now have the opportunity to upgrade to a new all-digital autopilot and state-of-the-art R9 flight deck at significant savings,” said Higby.

Avidyne has set a new standard for performance and safety in general aviation avionics, and Entegra Release 9 with the DFC100 provides the highest level of integration, and the easiest-to-use pilot interface available,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer.

About Entegra Release 9 (www.release9.com)

Utilizing a fully-modular architecture, Entegra Release 9 represents the next generation of integrated flight deck systems for general aviation aircraft.  The Entegra Release 9 system includes dual XGA-resolution IFD5000 displays, dual-redundant FMS900w systems with a QWERTY keypad, next-generation fully-digital VHF NAV/COM radios, and dual WAAS/RNP-capable GPS receivers. 

Entegra Release 9 is currently available as a retrofit upgrade for existing Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft, as well as the recently-certified Piper Matrix.  Upgrade programs have been announced for Piper Meridian, Mirage and PA-32 aircraft.

About DFC100

The DFC100 is an attitude-based, all-digital autopilot that takes advantage of the single- or dual-ADAHRS (Air Data & Attitude/Heading Reference System) in the Release 9 system.  It is designed as a plug-and-play replacement for existing rate-based STEC 55X flight computers, and is compatible with Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft with Entegra Release 9. 

The feature-rich DFC100 has all the standard vertical and lateral modes of operation of a turbine-class autopilot system, including Flight Director (FD), Altitude Hold (ALT), Airspeed Hold (IAS), Vertical Speed Hold (VS), Vertical Navigation (VNAV), Heading (HDG), and Navigation (NAV, LOC/GS, LPV, LNAV/VNAV, LNAV+V).

In conjunction with the Release 9 system, the DFC100 supports Avidyne’s exclusive FMS Vectors™ mode, which allows the pilot to remain coupled during air traffic control (ATC) vectors operations without having to manually change autopilot modes.  The DFC100 also includes Avidyne’s innovative Flight Envelope Protection, and a “Straight & Level” button which overrides all autopilot modes, leveling the wings and engaging altitude hold for an added measure of safety.  

Pricing & Availability

Avidyne offers Silver, Gold and Platinum Entegra Release 9 configurations. Each of these systems includes dual XGA IFD5000 displays, dual GPS/FMS receivers, dual 16-watt VHF COMM radios, an MLB700 SIRIUS/XM® Broadcast datalink receiver, and a free upgrade to Synthetic Vision ($10,000 value) when available*.  Gold and Silver configurations provide single ADAHRS, while Platinum configuration provides dual ADAHRS capability for an added level of redundancy.  Gold and Platinum packages include the DFC100 autopilot upgrade ($15,000 value) when available*.  The Silver package maintains the existing STEC55X autopilot.  DFC90 customers get an even better promotional price when they upgrade to the R9 & DFC100.

Contact Avidyne or an Avidyne-Authorized Sales & Service Center for more details or go to: http://www.avidyne.com/landing/release9-year-end.asp

* The DFC 100 certification expected later this year. Synthetic Vision expected in 2011.

About Avidyne Corporation (www.avidyne.com)

Avidyne’s continuing leadership in innovation and its Flying Made Simple™ system design make flying safer, more accessible and more enjoyable for pilots and their passengers. The company’s expanding line of products include the industry-leading Entegra integrated flight deck  linefor new and existing aircraft, DFC90 and DFC100 digital flight control systems, datalink-capable EX600 multi-function displays, the dual-antenna TAS600 series of active traffic advisory systems, the MLB700 broadcast datalink receiver, the MLX770 world-wide datalink transceiver, and the TWX670 Tactical Weather Detection system. Headquartered in Lincoln, MA, the company has facilities in Columbus, OH, Melbourne, FL, and Boulder, CO. 

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