Avidyne Press Releases

Headline Press Date Product
April 2016
Avidyne Announces IFD550 and IFD 545 with Integrated Attitude Reference Systems 4/1/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Expands Sales Team to Accelerate Industry-Leading Growth 4/1/2016 General
Avidyne Announces R10.2 Adding Synthetic Vision and More to IFD-Series GPS Flight Management Systems 4/1/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Introduces IFD100 iPad App Providing Wireless Control and Display for Panel-Mounted IFD Series GPS FMS 4/1/2016 IFD540/440
March 2016
Avidyne Announces Wireless Connectivity with FltPlan Go 3/15/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Announces Wireless Connectivity with ForeFlight 3/15/2016 IFD540/440
February 2016
Avidyne and Globalstar Announce Partnership to Develop Certified Products for Airborne Internet Access 2/23/2016 General
Avidyne Broadens Agreement with Extant Aerospace to Provide Exclusive Repair & Exchange Services for Entegra EXP5000 Primary Flight Displays 2/22/2016 EXP5000
Avidyne Announces New Lower-Price IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM Option 2/1/2016 IFD540/440
December 2015
Avidyne Announces Certification of Release 10.1.1 Software for IFD440 & IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM Systems 12/11/2015 IFD540/440

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