Avidyne Press Releases

Headline Press Date Product
July 2016
Avidyne Announces Growing List of 3rd Party Apps for IFD-Series FMS/GPS Systems 7/24/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Makes Innovative Use of IFD Series with iPads 7/24/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Announces ADS-B Rebate Program 7/24/2016 General
Avidyne Announces Training Partner for IFD Series 7/24/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Announces Software Upgrades to Accommodate ADS-B 7/24/2016 General
June 2016
Avidyne Receives European Certification of IFD540 & IFD440 GPS FMS Systems 6/8/2016 IFD540/440
April 2016
Avidyne Announces IFD550 and IFD 545 with Integrated Attitude Reference Systems 4/1/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Expands Sales Team to Accelerate Industry-Leading Growth 4/1/2016 General
Avidyne Announces R10.2 Adding Synthetic Vision and More to IFD-Series GPS Flight Management Systems 4/1/2016 IFD540/440
Avidyne Introduces IFD100 iPad App Providing Wireless Control and Display for Panel-Mounted IFD Series GPS FMS 4/1/2016 IFD540/440

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